Grocery haul


Okay, fact about me. I have a love/hate relationship with grocery shopping. I like picking out healthy foods and formulating meals for the week in my head. However, I hate spending money. Like hate hate hate it. All of this was $93. Yes I saved $22 with my bonus card and the deals they had going on this week. But it still sucks. I’m a grad student, living on my own trying to make ends meet month to month. Living paycheck to paycheck is no fun. I’ll leave you with two thoughts:

1) Eating healthy is so expensive. Why is that? Chips are $2 but avocados are $4? Unfair
2) If you’re like me: young, twenty something, living on your own & living paycheck to paycheck…..I guess try to embrace it? Because no one in their twenties is supposed to have their life together and have tons of money in their savings. It just doesn’t work like that

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