Tis’ the season to give!


Today I got rid of TWELVE boxes/garbage bags of clothes. It felt soooo good to drop them off to an organization who was so happy to receive them & be able to give them to their clients. I’m somewhat of a clothes hoarder. Some of the items were from high school & yes even some from junior high. I have a hard time parting ways with things and often make excuses for not getting rid of them. “Maybe I’ll wear it someday”. But the truth is I wasn’t going to. So I boxed all of it up & gave them to those in need. I know it’s just October but for me, this marks the beginning of giving season. I love this time of year!

I encourage you all to go through your closet & weed out clothes/shoes that you no longer wear or need. It’ll simplify your life and make someone’s day! 🙂

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