How to survive grad school

… while you log 21 hours a week at a unpaid internship and work late hours at your job …

I go to school full-time. Yes, that’s 5 classes, 3 days a week. I intern 21 hours a week and work whenever I can to pay my bills. I’m exhausted. I’m worn out. And I’m ready to be done. May 16, 2015 – I’m anxiously awaiting you (GRADUATION)!

1) Time management and organization – I live by my planner. I love my planner. Every year I look forward to buying a new planner. I’m particular about it because I know I will be looking at it multiple times a day for a full school year. I write everything in it, even TV shows, and color coordinate. I highlight. I use post-it’s. I wouldn’t know what to do without it.

2) Sleep – I need 7-8 hours a night or I’m a grump. Sleep is soooo important and I can truly feel the effects of not having enough sleep the next day. My brain is in a fog, I’m exhausted and I’m not a happy camper. So despite my crazy schedule, I make sure I am in bed by an appropriate time so I get 7-8 hours of sleep a night. It’s essential.

3) Remember your motivators and your passions – Whenever I am ready to give up, I remember why I’m doing what I do in the first place. I print and hang up motivational quotes in my room, in my car, anywhere. I write them in my planner. Sometimes a good, motivational quote is all I need to keep truckin’ on.

4) SELF CARE – IT IS SO IMPORTANT. Schedule time for yourself. You will get burnt out if you don’t. I love to light candles and just lay on the couch for 30 mins or so at the end of a long day. The candle light relaxes me and it is so, so calming. I love bubble baths, I love yoga, I like to work out (depending on the day), I like to waste time on Pinterest, I stay in touch with my family, friends and boyfriend throughout the day, and I make time for my favorite shows. Those are my methods of self care. They work for me.

5) Confide in others – Luckily, my classmates and I are close and supportive of one another. Having someone going through the same thing that I am is very nice. We vent to each other, we encourage each other, we support one another. I also confide in my family, friends and boyfriend A LOT for support and encouragement. They’re all amazing & their support means so much.

6) WINE – At the end of the day, sometimes nothing is better than a glass of wine. An adorable little liquor store is conveniently located only four houses down from me and whether its good or not, I log a lot of time there. Oops. But truly, it helps. A glass of wine (or two) as I do my papers is sometimes a godsend.

To conclude, YOU CAN DO IT. Keep on keeping on my friends. Good luck!

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