To half marathon again? Or to not…

Last year in April I ran a half marathon. It was the day I found out my uncle would be passing away soon. Any day now, any minute, any second. He had stage four cancer so we knew the day would come – but we did not know was when.

Jeez, do I run it? Or do I go home and and be with my uncle and my family. My family urged me to run it because I had been training and it was something I really wanted to do. But I just couldn’t fathom the idea of not saying goodbye to my uncle over some race. My mind was made up that I was heading home & that running a half marathon would have to be crossed off my bucket list at another time. However, I ran it and I did it in his honor. My uncle John passed away the next day. The only thing that got me through that half marathon was the thought of him every single mile. The next day I got to say goodbye & I got to whisper in his ear that I had completed that half marathon in his honor. This year I am thinking of running that exact half marathon again. I would like to do it every year in his honor. But it is a huge commitment and a lot of training. With the writing of my masters thesis next semester and finishing up my degree, I’m just not sure there will be time. Suggestions? Should I run it or should I not. Only time will tell….!

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