Moms are downright amazing. Why? We grow our little babes and go through immense amounts of pain to give them life. We provide food to grow our children into stronger individuals. We nurture and love. We wake up at 12, 2, and 4am and then work all day. We choose our kids over our careers to better serve our families.

We carry babies on our back while pushing another in a stroller. We drive our mini vans or our cars to our kids practices, only to open the car door and see their smiling faces pile out. We record dances that our kids create and listen to the songs they sing. We listen to them squeak as they learn to play their instruments. We help them create mud pies and look at the fireflies they catch. We kiss skinned knees and put band aids on their boo boo’s. We scare monsters out from under beds and sew up their favorite stuffed animals.

We help mend broken hearts and help pick out prom dresses. We drive you and your friends to the movies and to school dances. We make team dinners and take group photos. We’re front row at concerts just for you. We move our kids to college and cry for days. But when you call to ask me how I am I tell you “I’m great honey, I’m great”. Although that statement couldn’t be farther from the truth.

We help you pick out wedding dresses and help you create centerpieces. We cry our eyes out when you walk down the aisle, all with a smile on our face. We are by your side as you push out your first baby, your second and then your third. We rock your babies to sleep, so that our own baby can get a moment to herself.

We watch you smile at your babies. We watch you coach your kids in T-ball and jump up and down when they make it to first base. We watch you mourn the day your daughter asks for a training bra, as you know this means she is growing up. We watch you cheer for your son as he scores the winning goal.

We watch you protect your children and guide them through life. We are happy to see you go through all that we went through with you. This goes on until we no longer can physically see or until we no longer have a sound mind. This goes on until our bodies no longer can keep up. Although our bodies and minds may not last forever, our love goes on forever, even when our lives no longer do. Why? Because that’s what mothers do.

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