In my travels …

While being delayed at JFK airport for 4 hours today I have witnessed the following things:

– A mother and her 28 year old daughter in a 45 minute verbal argument with several staff. Unable to speak or walk, they demanded a flight. After they were told they were too intoxicated to fly and that they were not allowed to board a plane in their condition, they screamed “then why the hell do you people put a bar in the airport?! You’re setting us up for failure” and they were escorted by several police officers, kicking and screaming 

– A group of children in an impromptu dance battle. Yes, others gathered around and clapped along 

– A bird fly into a mans forehead. Literally smack dab into his forehead. I heard it. He looked around dumbfounded then looked to his neighbor and said “did that really happen?”

– A child being dragged on the floor by the sweatshirt his dad was carrying. The boy was hysterically crying and all the dad had to say was “you’re doing this to yourself Brody, you’re your own worst enemy”. The kid was maybe 3. At the very most, 4 years old 

– A pair of teenagers throwing peanuts onto the guy who was sleeping on the floor by the gate. I heard them say “5 points for landing it on his stomach, if you get one in his mouth then game over”. What did they think they were playing kan jam? 

You just can’t make this stuff up. Humans (and bird), thank you for the entertainment 

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