I’m where I need to be



Lately, I have been getting the question “why aren’t you guys engaged yet?” or “I thought you guys would be married by now!” Now, before I say anything else – I would 110% welcome a proposal from my boyfriend.. & I do look forward to the day that we start the next chapter in our lives but I am trusting the process. I am a firm believer that things happen as they are supposed to. Yes, even the bad things because the way you deal with them and get through them make you who you are in this exact moment.

I am content with the way my process is unfolding. After 5 years of dating, many of those years being long distance, I can finally say that a countdown to when we are moving in together has begun 😊 in ONE WEEK by boyfriend will finally be my roommate. Yes, we will be in the same zip code and yes, we will even be under the same roof. Day in and day out. I am beyond excited. When you’ve put so much time and effort into something the thrill of everything somehow seems to be magnified. I truly am blessed and lucky. I have a loving family and great friends who have supported me through our journey and a loving boyfriend who is moving 8 hours away from all of his friends and family to be with the woman he loves. That woman, you ask? Yeah…that lucky woman is me ❤️

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