Belly Balm & Gentle Baby

Getting pregnant is what really started this journey of living a toxic, chemical free lifestyle. Suddenly, making healthy choices wasn’t all about me anymore, it was now about making healthy choices for the little babe growing inside of me as well. I decided to jump into the essential oils world and chose Young Living as the company to do so with because of the integrity of their products and their all natural, absolute superpowers. As like many pregnant women, the thought of getting stretch marks occasionally crosses my mind. Yes, I know it is most likely inevitable & I’ll be proud of them if I get them because it meant that my body created a healthy little human. BUT I’m trying to be proactive and minimize the possibility of stretch marks. With the idea of stretch mark prevention in mind, I made a Belly Balm. This Belly Balm is simple to make and consists of just 1/2 cup organic coconut oil and 8 drops of Gentle Baby. Mix together in a small bowl and store in a 4oz glass jar. I rub it on my belly each night before bed. Not only does it totally moisturize my skin and reduce itching, it smells great, promotes relaxation and reduces stress!!!

Benefits: The benefits of this blend for expecting mothers, new mothers and their babies are endless. For expecting mothers, Gentle Baby can be combined with coconut oil and be used on a growing belly to promote healthy, moisturized skin. It revitalizes your skin and prevents stretch marks. You can apply a few drops to your wrists topically to reduce stress during pregnancy. It can be diffused during labor/delivery to calm emotions during birth. For new mothers, you can combine Gentle Baby with coconut oil and rub on your chest before breastfeeding. Gentle Baby can be used to relax babies, to calm babies, to reduce colic, to smooth diaper rash and chapped skin. You can make your own baby lotion with Gentle Baby or diffuse at bedtime for not just babies, but kids of all ages to promote a restful, full night of sleep. Like I said, the benefits are endless!

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  1. What a great idea! I knew I would get plenty of stretch marks b/c I’d had them at other points in my life, but I am sure there are lots of expecting mamas out there who would love to try this DIY coconut oil and Gentle Baby recipe!

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