It’s the most wonderful time of the year

I love Christmas and the whole holiday season. My family jokes that I have “O.C.D.” , obsessive Christmas disorder. I love the feel of this time of year. I love the kind spirit, the giving, the music, the lights, the traditions, the family time, the coziness, the warm feeling it brings. I always decorate for Christmas the day after Halloween, which many say I’m crazy for. But I like to enjoy it all for as long as possible! When do you decorate for the holidays? By the way, no I do not forget about Thanksgiving and I still very much celebrate it (hello leggings and an oversized sweater to hide the copious amounts of food I consume)

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  1. We decorated early this year. We will be out of town for thanksgiving and wanted it done before that lol. I love your stockings on the staircase!

    1. It’s crazy how the weather can affect the Christmas spirit! I’m from central New York and we usually have a white Christmas but there’s been years there’s been no snow on the ground for it and it just isn’t the same!

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