Embrace each stage

I can’t wait to have this baby. She kicks me in the ribs all day long and it’s hard for me to get comfortable. I can’t wait to be able to sleep on my stomach again. I also cannot wait to have my body back, to myself

⁃ I miss being pregnant so much. I always knew she was safe. I protected her, I knew where she was at all times. She was with me. I miss the kicks, yes I even miss the jabs to the ribs. I miss watching my body change and watching my belly grow

I can’t wait to get out of the hospital and go back home. I had her, now I want to be back home…so we can start our lives as a little family. I’m tired of these nurses coming in and checking on me. I’m tired of this uncomfortable bed

⁃ I miss the first few hours of her life. When everything was new, when the nurse would roll her into me after I got a few hours of sleep. When I was learning how to be a mom. I miss the visitors…the flowers and the “congratulations” or “it’s a girl” balloons that filled the room. I miss the newness. I miss her being so tiny

I can’t wait until I’m done breastfeeding. Dang, does it hurt in the beginning. You know, no one tells you about the pain. I can’t wait to eat and drink whatever I want. I can’t wait to no longer have to pump while I’m at work. Breastfeeding is a lot of work…

⁃ I can’t believe she never wants to nurse anymore. She’s only interested in solids now. I can’t believe I put away my pump today, after using it multiple times daily for a year. I miss being able to feed my baby, I miss the connection, the way she would look at me or how she would hold my finger. I felt pride in knowing that I was nourishing and helping my baby grow

Ugh…I’m so exhausted…why can’t you just sleep? You’ve already woken up three times…cmon I just fed you. Momma is tired I need sleep

⁃ God, I miss those middle of the night feedings. She was so small and so dependent on me. All she needed was her momma to rock her and she was back to sleep…the dim light from the nightlight shining on her little face. Now she sleeps soundly through the night….no longer needing her momma to help get her back to sleep. I miss the nights she slept next to me in the bassinet, now she’s a big girl in her own room and her own crib. Her own space…

Another poopy diaper? I just changed you! Diapers are expensive. You’re so wiggly, stay still so I can change you!

⁃ I miss those tiny diapers, the smell of them…fresh, baby powder scent. I miss the way she would kick her legs when I changed her. Those chubby thighs I would admire each time I changed her…

More spit up! It’s all over you, it’s all over me, it even got on the carpet. I reek of milk and spit up, now I’ve got to change. I’m going to be late to work!

⁃ I miss when the worst of my worries was spit up. I’ve got to clean the car seat now, you threw up all over it today on the way to daycare. How am I supposed to get this out? Ewww

Every time I put you down you cry! I just want to get the dishes and the laundry done. But every time I try to put you down you whine for me to pick you back up

⁃ Looking back, I realize that the dishes and the laundry were fine waiting. The times that you wanted me to hold you all day are no longer. You prefer to sit on the floor and play with your toys now. I miss when you would nestle into me and fall asleep in my arms as soon as I picked you up

Some of these moments and thoughts I have experienced, some I haven’t….yet. My point is, embrace each chapter in your life. Be present, be truly present. You may think better days are on the horizon, but you will miss what you had ❤️ live each moment to its fullest!

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  1. So true! I miss being pregnant and how tiny my little boy was, he’s now 20 months and running around with his own big personality. Its good to remind ourselves to stop and just enjoy the moment as it flashes by so quickly!

  2. You made this momma ugly cry with that. It’s so true – I miss my little babies. I’m glad I get cuddles from my baby nephews but it’s just not the same. I miss being pregnant, breastfeeding and being the one that when they cry I can stop them just by holding them. The last one is still a little true, but not the same.

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