Baby snacks & accessories for travel

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We have family in Long Island so we’re usually traveling every two months or so. It’s been so different each time we have went. We first travel to Long Island when Amelia was three months old and then she was solely breast-fed. Next time we went she was about five and six months old and still exclusively breast-fed. Now, at 10 months old she has snacks and other, in addition to mommas breastmilk. Therefore, I had to plan a little bit differently for this road trip and visit. She barely last in a car seat for 20 minutes now so we will see how this six hour trip goes. Wish us luck!

For this trip, I’ve made sure to pack her lots of her favorite snacks as well as some of my favorite bibs & other products such as food mats.

Snacks lined up for baby
Baby snacks for road trips
Bibs, placemats and snacks for baby
Baby snacks and accessories for road trip

Amelia’s favorite snacks:

– Gerbers lil’ crunchies. Amelia only likes the garden veggie flavor

– Gerbers fruit & veggie melts. Amelia’s favorite? The very berry flavor

– Baby Mum Mums. She likes a lot of different kinds of rice rusks but prefers the apple pumpkin flavor

– Happy Baby Organic Rice Cakes. These are the blueberry & beet flavor!

* All of the above are perfect snacks to travel with – very easy and take up little space!

– Ashtonbee Silicone Bibs. These are my favorite! Super easy to clean, and I love that they catch the food she drops (which is a lot)

– Nuby Sure Grip Silicone Mat. This sticks right to her high chair tray and is also very easy to clean!

I also threw into her bag a Nik Sippy Cup & some Prunes…it’s the only purée she currently still likes and helps if she gets constipated. Hey, us moms have to be prepared for anything!







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