It’s been a hot minute

Guys, it has been a hot minute. I just logged on to my blog for the first time in a while and noticed that my last post was in August. What? That’s two months ago. I have been slacking. Okay, truthfully I just can’t get my shit together…

Turns out, I suck at time management. I suck at prioritizing. Lastly, I suck at committing to something and actually following through. I’m not putting myself down here…I’m just stating the facts. Those are some of my personality flaws….it is what it is.

I am having SUCH a difficult time managing everything. I may seem semi put together but everyday feels like a scramble. There’s so much to be done. I never feel like I am “ahead” or like I just have free time to do something I’d actually like to do and not something that I have to do (clean the house, pick up toys, etc.) that is… if I want my life to be partly in order.

I have completely neglected my blog and social media presence. As I previously posted about on my Instagram, unfortunately, it’s the first thing to go. I need your tips! How do you balance it all?

When I pick Amelia up from daycare and am finally home with her after a long day, I don’t want to be taking the time to create a post or think of captions for my latest picture. Turns out, it’s a lot harder that it seems! Which I know sounds ridiculous…

I really try hard to not always be on my phone when I’m with her. I want to be present in the moment with her and interact with her. I get so angry when I see parents who are always sitting on their phones when their child is trying to get their attention. So, I really strive to not be that person… do I find myself sometimes mindlessly scrolling through Facebook or Instagram? Yes. Do I hate it? Yes. I get so annoyed with myself.

Then I think, all the time I just spent scrolling through Facebook could have been spent writing a blog post or doing anything else more productive. I don’t take anything away from scrolling through social media apps. It’s an unhealthy habit. A mindless one…

So, I want to say sorry. Sorry to myself and sorry to my readers for not living more purposefully. I want to be able to prioritize my time so I can reestablish my presence! But truly, as I mentioned above, send me your tips! I’m thinking of setting a goal to write a blog post when Amelia falls asleep at night or even on the weekends when she naps. I can do it. I’ll get my shit together…..slowly but surely!

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