Lavendar oil in your mascara?!

As I shared in a previous post, I’m slowly becoming obsessed with Young Living essential oils. I have been researching the oils and their different uses. When I was researching Young Living lavendar oil, I discovered that you can add it to your mascara. Say what?! Adding just a drop or two in your mascara promotes lash growth, strengthens your lashes, kills mites and bacteria & as a bonus, it extends the life of your mascara. I added two drops to a new tube of mascara and have been using it for about 2 weeks. First of all, ummmm the smell!! ūüėć  I’ve also noticed that my lashes feel stronger and healthier. I will report back with an update after I continue to use my mascara with added lavendar! Lavendar always has been my favorite oil, even more so now! 

Young Living essential oils

I have received my starter kit from the company Young Living and am already so in love with the products! I became interested in more holistic, pure ways to clean my home and treat my emotional and physical ailments since finding out I was pregnant. I wanted to remove all (okay, not all but most) of the chemicals I used in my home, on my face and on my body – after doing extensive research and realizing how damaging these everyday chemicals truly could be. With a baby on the way, I want to do everything in my power to reduce any harmful chemical use, for not only me, but now for the new life that I am creating.

To remove some of the chemicals found in household products from my home, I found Norwex, which is a company that produces microfiber towels that only require water to clean surfaces and be effective. I was amazed. More on Norwex in a blog post later…

I purchased reusable wool dryer balls from Norwex to replace the dryer sheets I was mindlessly using, which by the way, are SO toxic and bad for you. On the dryer balls, it ¬†was recommended that a few drops of an essential oil be placed to make your laundry smell good. I used lavender, a lavender that I had purchased from a local “green” store. My laundry smelled ¬†amazing, and I was hooked.
Like the lavender I had purchased from a local “green” store, there were other essential oils that I had purchased off of Amazon….tea tree oil, patchouli, peppermint, lemon, lime, thieves, etc. I began to question the quality of the oils, and began researching pure, essential oils which led me to Young Living. A friend had been posting about Young Living essential oils on her Facebook page, so I decided to attend an informative class…& then I made the jump!

It wasn’t immediately following that I took the leap into Young Living, I continued to do research and remained on the fence because of the cost….but joining kept crossing my mind, and I truly wanted to bring essential oils into my house for personal use, use for cleaning, and use for my growing baby. So, finally I said to myself, how much is it worth to know that I am providing myself, my growing family and my home with only the best quality products….that would only benefit us, not harm us. When my answer to that was that it would be worth anything, I clicked submit and placed my order to become a Young Living distributor. This seemed like the best decision for me, because as a distributor you get 24% off retail pricing, which I figured in the end would save me a bit! As well as the 24% off, as a Young Living distributor you are eligible for an essential rewards program, in which you get credits (yes, basically free money!) for your purchases, that could be used towards the purchase of other oils or any Young Living products that I may want to try. ¬†It was a win win…I also knew that this would be something I would want to share with my family, friends and even strangers…with the hope that the Young Living products ¬†would also better their lives!

I have begun diffusing Young Living essential oils in my home to boost my mood and to help my boyfriend and I sleep, I have begun using a mixture of coconut oil and a few Young Living essential oils on both my face as a night cream and on my growing belly as a stretch mark prevention method (to moisturize and hydrate my skin, to prevent itching). I have also begun using a mixture of water, vinegar and Young Living essential oils to clean my home. I am really so happy that I invested in Young Living essential oils and will continue to post and share about the positives they are bringing to my life!