UPenn Student Jumps to Death

I generally want my tumblr to be a happy place full of positive energy & good vibes, but I just read this article and it has really affected me, and I think it’s worth posting about. Madison Holleran was a 19 year old student at UPenn who was smart, athletic, and absolutely stunning. She didn’t show her family or friends any warning signs of suicidal ideation — just hours before she jumped off of a parking garage, she made dinner plans with her friends and posted a picture of a pretty park on Instagram. This story is a devastating reminder of so many important things for me. Mental illness is so real and so freaking important to talk about. It can affect anyone, even those whose lives seem perfect. You can see someone who goes to an Ivy League school, is a star athlete, looks like a model, and has a life that appears perfect from the view of their social media account….but you can never know what a person is going through behind closed doors. Here’s to a year of compassion, mental health advocacy, and love&prayers for those struggling like Madison was.


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