There will come a time that someone will just magically pop out in our lives who can renew those dead cells responsible for love. Someday, someone, will arrive unexpectedly who will change everything about us. At the most perfect and convenient time of ours, we will meet the person who’s destined to be with us forever.

After a chaotic relationship wherein our hopes for happy endings, to infinity and beyond and forevers have been washed, it may all seem hard for us to believe in those things again. That maybe life and love is trying to test our patience and faith in it, we fail to take risks of our feelings again. Maybe we are just scared that it will end up the same thing as before — being hurt, or cheated or lied on. Uneasy for us maybe to love again after being traumatized, there will be this someone who can pull you out from that feeling. It’ll instantly ease everything as if you’re a new person, like a blank slate who didn’t go through anything.

And with this person, you will find the most genuine happiness that not even your most precious object didn’t made you feel. That unexplained feeling of contentment on anything without being so close to an ideal relationship. In the absence of effort of the other half can spread your lips from pole to pole as if there’s no more tomorrow to smile. Your phobia of arguments and fights are washed off because there is the existence of understanding and patience between the both of you. Perfect is the only word that can label your relationship. Even a simple feeling of being worried will never strike you because you can sense that he/she’s the one already. The one who made you believe again in love. The one who turned your past into just a memory. The one who was molded by fate and surrendered it to you, and the best thing about it is you will never have to search for someone again and start another chapter of your love, but you will own this person that even death cannot defy you both.


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