Long Distance Relationship Advice

I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost four years now and we have a wonderful relationship. However, because of life events & different hometowns (that happen to be 8 hours away from each other) we have been forced to engage in a long-distance relationship for quite some time and although it is something you can deal with, it never really gets any easier. Here are some tips that I have learned along the way!

1) This goes without saying, but try to see each other as much as possible. Any school break you get, any holiday time off you get, plan a trip & make it happen. Distance may suck, but it makes seeing your significant other that much more special when you finally see them after quite some time has passed

2) Always end each visit with a plan of when you will see each other next. This will help you have something to look forward to. I have the app called “countdown+” that counts down the days, hours & minutes until our next visit. When I’m missing him I look at it and say, “Okay…only 19 more days…you can do it”

3) Get creative. I send him cards, letters, and packages & he sends me songs that remind him of me or small gifts. Little things help remind your significant other that you’re thinking of him/her. In today’s day and age where technology and constant communication is at our fingertips – it is sometimes more meaningful to receive something via the, I know, old school mail

4) I recently discovered an app called “you & me” which ironically is titled the same as our song. It’s a beautifully designed app to help you and your partner stay connected with videos, photos, stickers, songs & more. There’s filters, frames & several different fonts to add to your pictures. There’s a photobooth feature, and a voice recording option as well. Oh and the best part is – it’s free! I’ve also head of “avocado” and “couple”. Couple allows you to “thumb kiss”, which is when you place your thumb on your screen and when your partner places his/her thumb on your thumbprint, it vibrates as if you were touching. Sounds cheesy to some – but hey, feeling close is important and any little bit helps!

5) TRUST. COMMUNICATE. If you don’t have trust in the relationship and in one another than the relationship will not last, bottom line. Communication is also key. Call each other, text often, download apps geared towards long distance relationships, whatever you have to do. Communicate. Also, communicate your feelings to one another. If you’re struggling with the distance, let your partner know so you can work it out. If you bottle it up, it’ll only eat away at you worse

6) Fight for your love and for your relationship. My boyfriend and I want our relationship to work more than anything in the world and we are willing to do what it takes to get us where we want to be. Have goals for yourselves of course (finish school, etc.) but also have goals as a couple

7) Be patient. Have faith in your relationship and your partner. Some say long distance relationships never succeed. I say with enough effort, time, and commitment, love will find its way


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