The most delicious tofu


I’ve tried countless recipes on how to cook tofu to get the best texture & taste. Finally I’ve found one that I love and will be sticking to! Pan fried tofu. YUM!

1) Drain the package of tofu and cut it into slabs. Lay the slabs of tofu on a paper towel and lay another paper towel over it, patting it dry

2) Boil some water with salt. Put your tofu in a bowl and pour the boiling water over the tofu and let sit for 15 mins. The salt does something to the tofu and makes the crust of the tofu crispy when you cook it

3) Repeat the paper towel drying process with the salt water soaked tofu. You could also zap it in the microwave for a couple of seconds to dry it and open the pores up in the tofu

3) In a medium frying pan, pour olive oil into the pan – coating the bottom. Place a few pieces of tofu into the oil and let cook until golden brown, then flip. It’s important to not put too many pieces of tofu into one pan. I cooked mine in two batches. If the pan is too crowded then the pieces of tofu will stick to one another

4) Once both sides of the tofu are golden brown, you can season it however you’d like. I used pepper, salt, and garlic powder. The tofu was so delicious I ate it by itself!

Enjoy my fellow tofu lovers 🙂

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