Five ways to win my heart

1) Love animals. Have an animal. Be kind to animals. I’m not joking when I say I love some animals more than I love most humans. Animals are so innocent and provide you endless love and comfort. If you have a cat, dog or any other animal and treat it with care? You will win my heart. Nothing upsets me more than animal abuse and neglect. Not cool people, not cool

2) Take me out for Mexican food. I loveeee me some Mexican food. Burritos are my favorite. Pair that with a margarita? …& just like that I’m sold. Spencer Pratt’s love for Don Antonio’s? Yeah, I love Mexican food just the same (you’re still a sleaze ball Spence….)

3) Be a generous, kind soul. If you show compassion and generosity to people, the world and yourself than you earn a few extra points. Kindness is so appealing to me. No one has time for mean, grumpy old scrooges

4) Love Dave Matthews Band. The first question I asked my current boyfriend was if he liked Dave Matthews Band. His response was “They are my favorite”. Just like that his appeal went up a couple of notches. I love DMB. Speaking of DMB, is it June 9th yet….?  Cannot wait for their show at Jones Beach

5) Radiate positivity. I love positive people. Life is too short to be miserable. Wake up every morning, look out the window and thank the world for another day. Smile, laugh, and know that it will always be okay

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