VMA’s and my genuine concern for the futures youth

You know, people wonder what the problem with today’s society is. Why are the children so violent, sexualized and entitled?

After watching the VMA’s, it dawned on me that this country is in deep trouble. Let’s see, the host of the show (who was previously recognized for being naked on a wrecking ball and making love to a foam finger while shaking her butt on a married man on live TV) was noted to be dressed in next to nothing costume change after costume change. Her behavior was erratic, and quite frankly she looked crazy. Yeah people may backfire at this claim and say that she is an “artist” and free to express herself in whatever way she wants to – but no. There is nothing artistic about it and yes everyone IS free to express themselves in whatever way they choose but when you have millions of youth watching? It just is not acceptable.

I was working when the VMA’s started so I recorded it thanks to DVR. When I got home, I started the show and found myself fast-forwarding through every part that made me uncomfortable, angry, or disgusted. Well, I was half way through the show in about two minutes. So I thought to myself – no, this is just not okay. I went back and watched each part to critique it and try to understand it. No understanding occurred….

Half naked women trying far too hard to be sexy were the main theme of the VMA’s. Do women really feel the need to roll their bodies and seductively dance in order to have a good “performance” and get recognition? What a terrible message to send to our youth. We should be empowering the female youth instead of leading them to believe that the only way to dress is in close to nothing and the only way to act is as skanky as possible. Female youth should be taught that they do not owe anything to anyone. Instead, the individuals they look up to that are their favorite artists, actresses and reality socialites portray the message that females should attempt to appeal to the unattainable standard of looking perfect for the females and donning the “best dressed” outfit. For the males, women should dress as scantily as possible. Revealing as much of their body as they can,without being dubbed “a skank”.

It no longer becomes about their music, instead, it becomes about who wore what, who SHOULDN’T have been wearing what, who could dance or look sexier, or who could get the worlds biggest reaction, even if its negative.

If this was a competition to see who could be more outlandish, provocative and inappropriate then congratulations – its one big, giant tie.

A man that states that he just smoked a joint before receiving his award announces that in 2020 he will run for president. The reaction? People go wild. #kanyeforpresident starts trending on twitter and he is praised for his never ending fight in trying to get people to appreciate creativity. Please, can someone tell me what he is advocating for or what happened in those several minutes that he had the microphone in his hand? Because I’m still confused. Do people genuinely hope he becomes president and represents our country? Oh lord….

I am disgusted and I am saddened. Every weekend I have breakfast with my grandparents at their house and my grandfather often puts on the oldies. My grandfather and I both sing along to this feel good music. What will my grandchildren be singing with me someday at the kitchen table?

– “Got my mind on your body and your body on my mind got a taste for the cherry I just need to take a bite don’t tell your mother kiss one another die for each other we’re cool for the summer” (Cool for the Summer, Demi Lovato)

– “Yes I do the cooking yes I do the cleaning yes I keep the nana real sweet for your eating yes you be the boss yes I be respecting whatever that you tell me ’cause it’s game you be spitting” (Hey Mama, David Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj)

In conclusion, I am terrified for where things are headed and petrified to bring children into this world. Thank you Tori Kelly and Taylor Swift for being true talent. Also, thank you for covering yourselves up.

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