Dear little one (week 8)

Hi my sweet little love, it’s mommy here. This is my first letter to you and as I write this, I’m getting choked up. I can’t believe that you have made me a mommy. What a miracle. I’m so excited to meet you in September. Dad and I keep talking about who you’ll be, what you’ll look like, the adventures that you will take us on. It’s really tough right now because no one really knows about you yet! You’re our little secret and I just want to shout the news that you’re growing in my belly from the rooftops! We have an appointment to hear your heartbeat this week and as we impatiently await that appointment to hear that sweet sound, I find myself getting nervous and just wanting to make sure that everything is okay. Mom is doing everything that I can to make sure that I’m taking care of you and being as healthy as possible to make my belly the best home for you for the new few months. We can’t wait to tell our family and friends as we know they will be equally as excited for your soon to be arrival. Dad and I couldn’t be more excited to become your parents and to love you through thick and thin through the crazy ride of life. As for mommy, I could sleep for days on end and I sometimes feel like I’m going to be sick but overall, I’m feeling great! We can’t wait to meet you…keep growing healthy, big and strong in mommy’s belly. We will see you this week for the most exciting and important moment yet : hearing your heartbeat <3

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