Oh hi there pending motherhood, so this is what you’re like? 

I guess it’s a no brainer, but no one told me that the extreme mothers “worry” starts when your baby is in utero. Don’t get me wrong, I repeat do NOT get me wrong, I am so thankful that I have had an easy pregnancy thus far (knock on wood) but I find myself thinking that something is wrong due to my lack of symptoms. As the cartoon below depicts, my thought process has been “something must be wrong; I feel too good”. Google and baby forums have been my best friend but then I just freak myself out…so I’ve been trying my best to avoid them! I know that I can’t be the only momma or momma to be that has experienced or is experiencing this! Overall, I feel so blessed to be growing this little being! This little love who is a part of me and a part of the man who I love so dearly. It’s truly magical to think about! I’ve already spent so much day dreaming about who this baby will be. I simply can’t wait to meet you in September. But until then, I’ll continue to pray that everything is going as it is supposed to, and that you are growing big, strong and healthy. Xoxoxoxo

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