Pinterest for the win

I like to think that I have my own knack for decorating but on the other hand I’m the first to admit that I look at Pinterest for a lot of my inspiration! When searching for ways to decorate my bathroom, I came across this shelving idea and loved it – so I set out to try to get similar pieces and recreate the look!

This is the image I came across on Pinterest


… & this is my attempt to “recreate the look”!

Wood shelves: Hobby Lobby –> $13.00 a piece (was $24.99 but 50% off)

Artificial plant: TJ Maxx –> $6.99

Scrub a dub dub sign: Hobby Lobby –> $8.00 (was $16.99 but 50% off)

3 glass containers: Target–> $3.00 in the dollar section at Target. I filled them with Q-tips, cotton balls and floss sticks

Wire basket: Target –> was a gift but was purchased at Target. I filled the basket with washcloths!

Wood Shelves

Scrub a Dub Dub Sign

Wire Basket


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  1. Nice! I love to look on Pinterest for inspiration from home decor to nail designs! Lol. You did an awesome job with recreating the look!

  2. I think you did an awesome job! I also look a lot into Pinterest for inspiration, but mainly for my makeup and nail art , for decoration I’m a total disaster with or without pinterest LOL

  3. Ah, wooden shelves really look so naturally complimentary in living rooms. And putting text in frames is very creative, I love the fun it defines!

  4. Pinterest is so useful and inspirational at the same time. I love browsing through it for my hobby and it never fails for the newest ideas. Your shelf is so cute, amazing picks at great prices.

  5. I love Pinterest. It is one of those websites I know if I click into I am going to be there hours, getting info for new projects. You did a great job recreating this one, it is super cute!

  6. I think you nailed it! Rustic, welcoming, friendly and it didn’t break the bank – what’s not to like!

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