Baby must haves

I was gifted an Ollie Swaddle and Binxy Baby and truly wish that I had received these wonderful products months ago!

The Ollie Swaddle from Ollie World: This product came in the cutest packaging. It came in a great box with adorable illustrations. It also came with an instruction card on how to swaddle properly and a nice mesh bag for storage. The swaddle itself is made of a moisture-wicking fabric to prevent overheating and is so soft! There is only one size needed for entire use because it can be used from newborn to transitional use. The stretch fabric allows snug yet loose design and the baby’s arms to be placed either in or outside of the swaddle. There is a bottom opening for hassle-free diaper changes….like where was this product when I was changing diapers at 3 am and had to take the whole swaddle off, waking Amelia up?! I swaddled Amelia in the Ollie Swaddle for nap time recently, with her arms out of course and she slept for 4 hours. She also thought that it was the funniest thing (see pictures below). You can purchase an Ollie Swaddle here.


The Binxy Baby: The Binxy Baby fits most standard grocery carts and can hold up to 50 pounds in weight. You can even place your car seat in the Binxy Baby. It acts as a very nice car seat sling! It has been safety tested and let me tell you what, it is so convenient! It can be easily rolled and stored in a diaper bag, or simply in a purse (that’s where I keep mine). It takes up little space in the cart and you can still put groceries or items on either sides of the Binxy Baby and even underneath it if needed. The Binxy Baby comes in so many adorable patterns. A lot of people stopped to talk to Amelia and several made comments such as, “Man, I wish they had something like that when my kids were young!” or “This is so convenient, it’s like a baby hammock!” Amelia loved it because she could still see everything and was very comfortable. You can purchase a Binxy Baby here. Follow this link to receive 10% off your purchase!

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