Sunday sentiments 

It’s amazing how you can so quickly miss something that you were “so done with” just a month ago. I miss feeling her little kicks, I miss feeling her hiccups, I miss having her close to me at all times. I knew she was comfortable and that she was safe. As much as I love having her here and in my arms, I so miss her being able to hear my heartbeat from the inside ❤️

Sleep soundly with this trio

I used to have a difficult time falling asleep….it was so hard for me to turn my mind off. Instead, I would lay there restless, thinking about things that I forgot to do that day or things that I would have to do the next day.  Now instead of tossing and turning, I sleep soundly through the night with this trio of oils in my diffuser. Lavender, frankincense & orange! If you’re interested in learning more about young living essential oils, please contact me I love to share all that I’ve learned! I love knowing that the products I’m using to benefit our health and wellbeing, as well as fragrant our house, are non toxic and non harmful to our health! 

Goodbye October

October, wow were you good to me. Historically, you’ve always been one of my favorite months. I love your weather, the cool, refreshing air you bring. I love the way you make the leaves on the trees turn vibrant shades of red, orange and yellow. I love the pumpkins, the mums, the sweaters, boots and scarves. I love Halloween, as to me it kicks off the start of the holiday season. But this October will go down as one of the best. It’s the month I welcomed my first baby. My sweet little angel. This year October, you’ve outdone yourself. Goodbye and so long. Until next year. 

Dear little one (weeks 36, 38, & 40)

As many of you mommas know, the end of pregnancy can be a bit crazy as you are nesting and trying to prepare everything for baby. Not to mention, waiting on baby!  A bit late, but here’s weeks 36, 38 and 40!

After baby was born, I printed these as 4 x 6  pictures and put them in the pregnancy journal I used my entire pregnancy. It’ll be so much fun to look back on one day and share with Amelia. My favorite part about this way of tracking my pregnancy was that it was so simple and didn’t consume much time at all! Quick snippets of how you’re doing and how baby is doing are all you need to complete this fun way of documenting your pregnancy!